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9 out of 10 startups fail.

Nine out of ten startups fail before they get to their second or third year of operations, according to studies conducted by several academic and financial institutions specialized in business and market intelligence. We financially calculated this global failure rate and found that it equals to more than USD $10 billion in annual loses. This figure is associated with investments and funds with no return.

Part of the Innovation Hacking Lab team has validated this alarming pattern throughout more than thirty years of experience in startups and innovation projects. In fact, only 3 out of our 24 projects have survived for over three years and generated a 100% return on investments. Thus, our Innovation Hackers have created sustainable economic value for more than five years through these successful businesses.

After studying, analyzing, and validating the pattern of failure on over 300 innovation and entrepreneurship projects in Latin America, we concluded that the fundamental drivers of such statistics are the following:

– Many people who try to start a new business don’t know what, for whom and how to innovate because they lack a formal, continuous education that’s direct, contextualized, and practical so it enables them to discover, validate, develop, and manage projects and opportunities of sustainable businesses.

– A significant number of entrepreneurs don’t efficiently apply adequate methodologies and tools to model, simulate, experiment, and continuously adjust product prototypes and businesses with minimum commercial, productive, technological, administrative, logistical, legal, and financial risks.

– Generally, entrepreneurs don’t know how to structure, sell, and negotiate the necessary funding to develop and launch sustainable business projects.

Innovation Hacking Lab was born to satisfy the needs around these causes involving entrepreneurs and innovative organizations. Our goal is not only to contribute to the development of financially viable and sustainable models but also to boost human-centered projects and the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life.

Why you need us

Innovation Hacking Lab’s unique platform will help you become a competitive innovator and entrepreneur. Our micro digital community of innovators is the ideal place to research, create, model, and validate projects that will be optimized for current market conditions.

Our Value Proposition

1. We offer an agile platform that includes online and offline services to support entrepreneurs during their continuous innovation and entrepreneurship journey.

2. We create a micro digital community of innovators through a self-service, collaborative formula designed to research, create, model, and validate entrepreneurship projects.

3. Our efforts, methodologies, and tools are especially focused on making an impact that’s socially inclusive.

About us

Samuel A. Villegas

Director & Co-founder

Mechanical Engineer, Prof. Msc. MBA with 35+ years dedicated to the strategic management of innovation, financial planning, entrepreneurial marketing, and continuous business improvement in the Digital Era. With experience in general and departmental management in ‘Top 3’ international companies specialized in IT-Tech, telecommunications, banking, finance, energy – with budgets beyond US$1 billion.

Throughout his career, our CEO has developed more than 20 startup projects of his own and has served as a mentor and advisor in over 300 ‘lean startup’s’ projects associated with disruptive business models, innovation management, and digital transformation.

Samuel A. shares his knowledge and experience by teaching at top Venezuelan universities, including Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB), Universidad Metropolitana (Unimet), Instituto de Estudios Superiores en Administración (IESA), Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), Universidad Simón Bolívar (USB), Instituto de Gerencia y Estrategia del Zulia (IGEZ), and other international institutions.

Samuel G. Villegas

CEO & Co-founder

Our leading ‘Innovation Hacker’ has ten years experience in software project management, computer engineering, web development, and software solution architecture. As a skillful leader, this informatics engineer trusts his developers with challenging projects oriented to digital solutions for innovators and entrepreneurs.

His main passion in helping human-centered transformation worldwide via tech-ITC innovation has given him an integrated vision, and capabilities to discover and validate sustainable digital entrepreneurship projects.

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