More than US$10 billion is lost each year in innovation and startups projects.

Due to poor knowledge, inadequate tools, and an unqualified project management team.

Transform your projects into tangible and sustainable business models.

With our Innovation Suite, you’ll be able to discover, create, simulate, test, and validate concepts throughout your entrepreneurship journey.

What does it take to become a competitive innovator?

Work surrounded by experts, effective tools, and validated educational content so you can successfully develop and pivot your innovative solutions.

Innovation Suite

Make the best out of your entrepreneurship journey and avoid falling into failure statistics with our interactive and user-friendly platform.


Feed your passion for entrepreneurship with educational content that will help you build career skills in a wide range of disciplines. Based on Alexander Osterwalder’s ‘Business Model Canvas,’ SIM was designed by experts around the world.


Design your own business model with the help of an automated methodology that will allow you to elevate your success rate by simulating, modeling, and analyzing business processes. MOD’s user-friendly platform will organize your decisions before it generates a final report that fits your every need.


Discover and validate the marketing mix of your minimum viable model before you hit the market. EXP allows you to test the premises of your business model so you can make educated decisions based on real data. The result: a successfully engineered innovative solution.


Get access to a set of innovative assets that will help achieve your goals effectively and efficiently. The exclusive content offered by Resources has been designed for entrepreneurs who require more detailed analyses or perspectives, prefer to work off-line, or need to customize their reports further.


An ideal tool to visualize the key elements, benefits, and reasons to invest, fund or participate in your innovation project. Based on a validates business methodology, our structure will allow you to build a compelling speech to achieve your investment and funding objectives.

What are you waiting for? Use our online tool FOR FREE and create your personalized Sales Pitch.

Key Features

Innovation Hacking Lab’s platform is the ideal place to develop and validate efficient and sustainable business models.

Learn how to turn your project into a real, sustainable business

We are ready to provide you with high-end tools and a validated methodology so you can model, simulate, and experiment with low-risk prototypes.

Receive advice from experts and collaborators

Our team is available to guide you through your innovation process, and you can always invite collaborators to help you craft your business model.

Design innovative business models

Our user-friendly suite of products allows you to be creative and design disruptive business models.

Test the premises of your business models

Take your time to carry out experiments and tests to make sure that your product is something your customer segments want.

Anticipate and reduce management failures in your business

Systematize and simulate actionable decisions according to continuous measurements of KPIs of your project’s progress.

Get ready for the current market conditions

We are prepared to provide you with high-end tools and a validated methodology so you can model, simulate, and experiment with low-risk prototypes.

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