Is your business model market-ready? Find out here.



A sustainable business is never based on ideas but on real data from experiments that must be conducted before launching to market. With this tool you can validate every decision you have made regarding your business model and marketing mix in order to increase your chances of success.


Obtain feedback, experiment and edit

EXP’s features include interviews to help you obtain feedback from your potential end consumer.

The results will allow you to make the right changes or to confirm that you have made the right choices.

In other words, by using Experimenter you will be able to tell whether the market is ready for your business.


Experiment along with collaborators and potential clients

Your business model canvas will be improved along the way through our experiments. EXP also lets you invite collaborators to help you in the process and integrate your experiments with services like Survey Monkey, MailChimp, Etc. (Coming soon.)

Your business model might be in need of testing or it might have been validated with interviews but you have not tested any potential solution. And in case you have tested solutions, EXP allows you to conduct experiments in order to find out whether the market is ready for the product you are currently building.


Does your target really want it?

It’s very common to hear about entrepreneurs who are too focused on their products and forget about their Buyer Persona or ideal consumer’s needs, desires, and expectations.

That’s when a great number of fantastic products fail. We don’t wonder that this is one of the main causes that explain why 90% of startups fail to survive their third year of operations.

We developed Experimenter to help you find the right customer segments and consumer-oriented solutions. Our objective is to help you to overcome the statistics of failure by investing all of your resources in a minimum viable product or service your target is willing to buy because it does sound like a proposal that will solve their problems.

Our goal is to guide you through your innovation journey and to clear your path to Product Market Fit.

Start using EXP to find out whether your project will generate the expected impact.


Experiments on your business model

EXP lets you test and validate your business model before it hits market. You can interview your potential buyer persona and get some feedback in order to improve your canvas, which will ultimately help you get your Product Market Fit

Minimum viable product prototyping

Generate a minimum viable product prototype in less than five minutes to start operating your business and generating traction on the early stages. Validate if your product is suitable for your customer segments.

Coming soon: Customer journey planning

Plan, generate and validate your customer journey through our experiments. EXP allows you to test the customer engagement on each moment of truth and to generate a landing page so you can visualize your concept. Invite collaborators to help you in the process of experimenting.